Working And Advantages Of Laser Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner is an electronic device to read barcodes. Most scanners contain decoder circuitry that analyzes the barcode image data provided by the sensor and submits the content to the output port barcode scanner.

A ‘2d laser barcode scanner’ (also known as ‘เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ดเลเซอร์ 2 มิติ’ in the Thai language) is the most common type of barcode scanners. They are easy to use because they do not need to be in direct contact with the barcode to read. 

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Various standard laser scanners can read barcodes from about 6 to 24 inches. Long-distance barcode scanners can read barcodes from about 2 to 8 feet away. There are several long-distance barcode scanners to be able to read barcodes from about 30 feet away.

Some scanners offer exceptional speed and precision, and they are also quite durable. Laser scanner consists of a laser and diode (a type of detector which converts light into either a voltage or current) are placed next to each other in the tip of the wand.

What are the advantages of laser barcode scanners?

Laser scanners are able to read the labels accurately, from a greater distance, and can read a wider label as well. CCD scanner works on a different principle and not using the laser, using a variety of small light sources, which requires the reader to be quite close to the bar code. 

On laser-based readers, on the other hand, is able to read from a distance of a little leg, and wireless Bluetooth models can transmit the data to even a few hundred feet. This allows them to be used in a large supermarket, plants, airports, and warehouses.

Many industries use barcode laser scanners; retail establishments, healthcare, laboratory, library, and they are used for document management, tracking packages and letters and even to issue a ticket. 

This scanner offers accuracy and visibility because they can read barcodes at any angle. The laser barcode scanner is able to read longer and smaller and has an increased density barcode scanning distance, more than cheaper LED or CCD scanner. Most barcode scanners are easy to install and easy to use.