Typical General Dentist Treatments in Thousand Oaks

A general dentist is someone who has decided not to pursue any specialty after graduating from dentistry. These professionals are likely to choose to specialize in dentistry to improve their skills and master specific knowledge. Some professionals choose to not go further.

The scope of general dentistry in Thousand Oaks can be applied to many cases. With this, the practitioner may experience different things. The majority of people know what a general dentist does. A general dentist can perform many tasks, including the following.


This is the most important task that a local general dentist can perform. The dentist will remove a tooth that is damaged or decayed. Aside from taking off the damaged tooth, extraction can also be done if in case there's an overcrowding of teeth or there has been an extra tooth.

Treating or filling of cavities

Treatment or filling of cavities is another job that a general dentist can perform for his patient. Modern fillings can match the natural color of your teeth if you have cavities. This procedure will relieve you of any discomfort caused by the previous tooth extractions. Composite bonding can be used by general dentists to improve the appearance of one's mouth.

Teeth general maintenance

This includes many treatments and techniques. This includes the routine cleaning of the oral cavity with special tools. This removes any plaques and helps prevent them from forming. Regular check-ups every six months are required to ensure that cavities are not formed.