Treatment For Tension Headaches

Treatments for tension headaches can be as varied as the triggers that cause them. Some may find over-the-counter medications such as aspirin helpful, while others may find non-drug therapies, including stress management, acupuncture, meditation, and biologic feedback, to be more helpful. 

Affected people may also find that simply finding the cause of tension headaches—fatigue, anger, hunger—and avoiding them can prevent tension headaches. You can make an appointment with the doctor via for tension headaches.

For chronic tension headaches that occur continuously, treatment can only be achieved by diagnosing the root cause of the headache. The root cause of this can be anxiety, depression, or other things that do not support a healthy lifestyle.

Although the ultimate goal of health is to live without the use of drugs, natural or not, the Center for Osteopathic Medicine recognizes the importance of medicines and their proper use. All "Hands on Manipulation" styles are practiced at the center. 

By combining manipulative techniques with structural integration, massage, meditation and western medicine, the Center for Osteopathic Medicine helps people to recognize disease before it manifests, silent pain previously diagnosed as chronic, and embrace it holistically in the Present. – and live very well in the present.

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