Tips for Planning A Paintball Bachelorette Party

If you're planning a stag for someone and you're having trouble with an idea, get some inspiration here.

Paintball: Probably the most fun mask. Paintball is great for large groups and gives you the fun of shooting your friends when they don't know you! Keep in mind that hitting the paintball will cause bruising that will take time to heal, so whatever you don't do on the weekend before the big day! You can also have a paintball birthday or anniversary party via

Paintballing - Air Assault Paintball

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Song Day: All men like cars and most men like fast cars. So why not spend the day racing? You can drive the car of your dreams without paying a hefty price! Just be careful when you go home.

Go Karting: Why not compete with all the other members of your group and beat them with your hands in karts! This is great for large groups because you can have different games and compete with the winners.

Pigeon Shooting: "There's nothing more manly than a man with a gun, so why not try shooting clay pigeons?" Don't worry about not hurting any animals during this activity, maybe just some sunken ego.

Surfing: Dude! What could be more fun than learning to surf with your friends? It would be much better, but it would be much warmer in the summer!