The Growing Popularity Of RV Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is actually part of a large family of vehicles that have the same characteristics. Also included in this group of pop-up trailer vehicles, teardrop trailers, motorhomes and truck campers. Collectively, these vehicles are called recreational vehicles, or RVs.

RV travel trailer, also called caravans in many places, the small trailer that can be used as a place to stay while traveling. These vehicles are quite useful for things such as leisure camping and long journey visits. Since their inception, recreational vehicles have continued to become very popular among many people.

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RVs come in various sizes and shapes. Their prices also vary according to the size and the features of a particular RV. When a recreational vehicle is in the form of a trailer, it is called a RV travel trailer. 

Various types of recreational vehicles have some characteristics:

Motor homes, not as a vehicle in themselves, do not travel trailers. Conversely, travel trailers designed to be pulled by another vehicle by means of a bumper or trailer hitch. Someone will not mistake for RVs towable travel trailers because of their style and their size.

Travel Trailer length typically ranges from twelve feet to about forty feet. Those who are under eighteen feet in length are often called a small travel trailer. 

These travel trailers are usually the most simple and can hold about four people at most. Small travel trailers will not weigh more than 3,000 pounds and can thus be drawn to the family car or small pickup truck.

Travel trailers from 18-25 feet in length are classified as mid-range travel trailers. These travel trailers usually weigh 5,000 pounds or more and are designed to be towed by V8-powered trucks and SUVs.

They travel trailers which measure more than twenty-five feet long called large travel trailers. This is often the most luxurious, equipped with facilities that make them look like condos.

There are many options for rv travel trailers for those who wish to travel by road across the country. There is a style, size, and price range for every budget and recreational needs.