Why Is It Essential To Have Your New Boiler Serviced Once A Year, Every Year?

Getting your boiler serviced is never going to be high on your priorities. It was pretty much a given. If it was a choice between boiler service and good night, or a new pair of shoes, or a gym membership for a month, some people will choose the boiler. 

But the leading makers such as Worcester bosch boilers like Your Heat are now saying that to get your boiler serviced every year is important not only for your heating system but also for your health and your finances. 

The most important reason for the service of your boiler is security. It only takes one pipe a little too old, or one of the buttons that are not placed on the right during installation and your home could slowly leak gas; a potentially deadly situation. likely only increase each additional year of service. Why take a chance with your health or your home.

The second reason is a matter of energy efficiency. No one expects their car to maintain high performance without regular services every year, but people do not use the same logic when it comes to their boiler.

It's a matter of the old part that does not work quite as well as it should, mainly because they are not looked after properly. In this case, it means the loss of 30 percent of energy while still using 100 percent of the gas.

Boiler servicing may not be glamorous but it is important; for energy efficiency, for your financial efficiency, and, most importantly, for your health!