Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Tuxedo Navy inflatable stand up paddle board is designed for both the beginner and advanced kayak user. It was designed by a professional kayaking team to mimic the cockpit of a true cruiser. The Tuxedo Navy is very sturdy and is great for either water sports or just to float around in the pool or lake. It can be used as a stand up paddleboard or even in the ocean, if someone wants to go there.

inflatable stand up paddle board

The Tuxedo Navy's unique two layered construction really makes this stand up paddle boarding system unique. The Tuxedo paddle boarding system layers a foam core and a specially molded plastic paddle deck. When inflated it actually measures out at eleven feet long, 32 feet wide and six inches deep. The maximum capacity is well over 350 pounds making it very stable for nearly all skill levels and physical conditions.

To inflate the Tuxedo Navy you will need to use a manual pump with either a power or twin hub. The pump should be placed on the inflate valve with the nozzle pointed down the middle of the bowl. This will force the air through the foam core which will help make it more stable. Once the air has made it through properly it will get pushed through the two thin layers of plastic paddles. These are referred to as being the "peaks" here.

Once the air has made it through the foam core and into the paddles, it will be held in place by the specially formed nylon slinging. The Tuxedo provides a very stable platform for standing and surfing, which is why it is such a popular kayak paddle boarding system. It can support up to 400 pounds of load when empty and because of the large tires makes it ideal for cross country skiing trips.

When the Tuxedo is full, it can be deflated and stored in a small space since it only weighs two and a half pounds. If the storage space is very small, the kayak can be stored flat in an upright position using two double bedding pouches. This compact design makes the Tuxedo easy to store and transport even in a small car or recreational vehicle. The ability to deflate and store the inflatable stand up paddle board is one of the many reasons that the Tuxedo has become such a popular paddle boarding option. Other positive factors include its compact size, lightweight design and storage space.

One of the other advantages to the Tuxedo Navy model is that the manufacturer provides a carrying case with each model. The pros that this case has to offer is that it is very functional and is especially useful for people who travel on a regular basis with their boards. Another pro is that this carrying case makes transporting the Tuxedo in and out of the water much easier because it fits perfectly in the shoulder straps of most backpacks. This is especially useful for those going on a longer trip, where multiple boards may need to be carried.

In addition to the pros above, there are some cons that the Tuxedo has to share with other similar models. One of these is that its inflatable pump does not work when the leash is unzipped. This means that there is a two way connection between paddle board and the leash. The only way to fix this problem is to completely reconnect the leash to the pump. While this might sound like a very minor issue, it is not something that every model will have to deal with. It is, however, something that should be taken into consideration before purchasing the inflatable paddle board.

Overall, the Tuxedo is a great inflatable board that is relatively inexpensive, but has some good qualities that make it stand out among other models. Its wheels allow it to be stored in a backpack and still be able to go where ever it is needed. Its adjustable legs make it very stable even when the wheels are not in use. Inflating the board is also very easy since there is a suction-cup seal that works with almost any air pump.