Things You Should Know Before Buying Used Tires

Reduce your chances of buying damaged tires by reading these tips:

1. The first thing to do before buying a used tire is to check the size. You can find this information on the driver's side door panel or look for it in the owner's manual. If the manufacturer's recommended size does not match your current tire size, you can choose a high quality used tire near me at of the current size.

2. Also check for uneven wear. More visible wear can make a tire look flatter on one side than the other. However, sometimes wear is harder to notice. Run your hand over the surface to feel the profile rise and fall. Double check that you made a good choice.

3. Check the inside of the tire. See if there is any evidence of previous repairs such as: Stickers or plugs. If the tire has too many stains, leave it and find another one. 

4. Check the minimum tread depth with a penny. Turn the penny over and tuck it between the steps. Old tires can come in handy if the tread goes in at least Lincoln's head. Used tires with a smaller tread depth are not worth buying.

5. Also check for cracks. To do this, run your hand along the inside or edge of the tire. The inner edge of the tires used must be smooth. A torn or beaded inner edge means the tire may not seal properly on the rim.