How to Achieve Better Fuel Economy For Flatbed Trucks

Fuel is a very important component to run a vehicle. Almost 5 dollars are needed to refill the biggest load truck with fuel. Diesel fuel costs can make or break for flatbed owner operators or truck drivers. The fuel consumption of the Flatbed truck can differ greatly depending on the driver's driving skills and capabilities. Many factors such as wind resistance, driving habits, etc can affect the flatbed truck fuel mileage as well.

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The idea is to use the rental amount of fuel to get the job done. This means accelerating gently the truck up to speed and cruise control. But the cruise control is not perfect as it was designed to maintain road speed.

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Once you lose the land, the cruise will power up to try to make back road speed. Cruise does not know the difference between headwinds or hills. All it knows is the external forces that slowed the truck and will feed as much fuel to the engine because of the need to maintain the set speed. 

A good driver can see the top of the hill before getting there and loosen the gas making the speed a little slower that will save a lot of fuel.

Drivers must tarp their loads so that no loose pieces of tarpaulin is hanging around and minimizing the wind resistance. You must keep a sufficient distance between the vehicle you are following.