Home Office Video Studio Lighting Stands

Home office studios are nearly always short on floor area. They are frequently installed in a spare bedroom that's 10 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet deep. That's roughly one-third of the extent of a professional movie studio. For more information about  softbox lighting visit https://spectrum-brand.com/collections/softbox-lighting.

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The bottoms of a common light rack open around approximately three feet broad. Place a couple of lights and a camera tripod on your small studio and it can get fairly hard simply to walk around. Maximizing your distance means finding creative ways to encourage your lighting without fretting about bulky studio light stands.

Large Soft lights are usually the best solution for studio light. They create flattering light and enhance the appearance of shadows. Many home office producers turn to cheap CFL-based softbox lights, however, these lights could be bulky and need those floor area devouring light racks to hold them up.

Grips are the folks on a picture set that is accountable for setting up the supports which hold the lights. Over decades they've devised many smart little pieces of gear for mounting lighting without using racks.

Scissor clamps and mounting plates aren't so costly and will allow you to firmly mount the lights in your house office without using studio light stands.