Kitchens For Commercial Use: Getting The Right Design

A private kitchen, such as a kitchen located indoors, is usually for small-scale cooking for family and friends; A commercial kitchen, on the other hand, is large-scale and typically used for cooking for sale, although some locations, such as hospitals, schools, and workplaces will also have commercial kitchens.

When it comes to designing commercial kitchens, there are many things to consider. A membership in PREP Kitchens is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to build your business. 


There are health and safety regulations that must be followed, such as the specific configuration of equipment. There are design issues that need to be ironed; For example, a large kitchen would typically have different areas to prepare fish, meats, salads, desserts, etc. In such a kitchen, it is important to have the same workstation with relevant equipment.

There are many other things to consider too:

  • Flooring: Now, this may seem like a minor (though expensive) idea, but in fact, the right type of flooring will help ensure the efficiency of the kitchen. For example, you may need a slightly sloping floor, to ensure that any excess surface water can drain easily, and that the floor is easy to clean.
  • Lighting: Again, paramount, but this time, a little more clear how. It is important that the lighting is selected carefully, that there is an abundance of overhead light, but also lighting in counters and work areas.