Information on Two-Factor Authentication

Let's get down to the more fundamental before hitting the actual theme which is the first factor of authentication. In any authentication, there can be many factors around. The most basic authentication method is what we call the IT security person, One-Factor Authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

A two-Factor Authentication is a form of authentication where the authenticate something that should be separate from the One-Factor Authentication. In this type of authentication, there will be a requirement in which you need to show what you've got that server know before confirmed. You can find two factor authentication (2FA) solutions online from various online sources.

There are many 2FA products on the market today. Some popular ones are USB PKI Token, OTP Tokens, and Smart Card. This hardware will give you a piece of information that is required for successful authentication.

Why Two-Factor Authentication?

Better security: After only one-Factor, the attacker knows the username and password are always able to authenticate themselves in until you change your password. It can also help in preventing brute force password attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA has become popular and famous needs in every industry, especially banks perform banking transactions. Sometimes it can be troublesome, however, people can still receive a level of discomfort because of the poor security has only one authentication method.

How Two Factor Authentication Work?

Well, even though there are different types of 2FA products on the market, each kind of product works the same way in which during authentication, the user will be asked to give his / her username, password, and the second factor here.

For this type of 2FA OTP, the second factor is the random number generated by the device. As for the USB PKI token, it is to plug in the token and perform a digital signature on the transaction and then sends it to the server for verification.