Best Reasons to Use Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Services

For those looking for passive investment opportunities, real estate investment trusts could just be the item. Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Services is a market firm based in Orange, Florida that specializes in Section 1031 Tenant in Common (TIC) and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST). You can also take Philadelphia real estate investment services  online.

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This firm has been a pioneer of the TIC Association and they have a number of the biggest listings for DST and TIC properties. They provide their clients with the opportunity to get different kinds of replacement/exchange possessions all around the USA. They could help investors review possessions, identify patrons, and carry out due diligence.

This site provides listings for Delaware Statutory Trusts that are becoming popular. In these cases, the master tenant or the property host firm acquires a home under DST and provides investors an opportunity to obtain a valuable interest. 

There's a basic difference between both theories -the maximum quantity of investors for TIC trusts is 35 and traders owe a pro rata, person name to the land except for DSTs, the amount can attain 100 or more and more individual investors possess a beneficial interest in the trust that's the owner of the underlying asset.

The best advantage is that investors could possibly gain from professionally handled, higher-quality properties without putting much effort and may swap their present properties to get a share in bigger assets they'd otherwise have access to, given their limited funds.

As soon as you've finished filling in details to your Property Information Request Form with this organization's site, you will be supplied with a password giving you access to numerous attributes.