How To Find The Right Therapist?

Finding the right therapist can be tricky. So how do you know who is going to work best for you? Eight tips below can help you to find the most suitable counselor for you:

Interview a few therapists: Some therapists offer a free consultation else charge a minimal fee for the consultation. In any case, it is worth spending $ bit in front to find the right therapist. You can find a reliable therapist in Nanaimo via

Ask your family and friends: Going to the therapist has become more socially acceptable than it used to. Asking for help is not to be seen as a weakness. 

A picture says a thousand words: Most therapists have photos online, this could be an easy way to do a quick search and see who stands out for you.

How Psychologists and Therapists Differ: A Personal Experience

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The theoretical orientation: It is important to ask the therapist how they saw the counseling and make sure you're ok with their answers and make sense to you.

Call the previous therapist: It may be tempting simply to arrange a consultation via email, but you can tell a lot of phone calls. Do therapists call you back in a timely manner? Sometimes by just talking to someone, you can tell whether or not you want to work with them or not, and that can save time consultation.

Where the therapist is and what hours they are available: Finding a therapist close to home can be exciting but finding a good therapist is more important. It is possible to find a therapist that is as close to your work and who can meet with you right before or after work or during lunch even if it is an option for you.