How Do Body Fat Scales Work?

The body fat scale functions almost the same as the principle of measuring blood glucose, which is in accordance with electrical resistance. With a body fat monitor, a small electric current flows through the part of your body that is being tested.

Reading the body fat scale is directly proportional to the resistance faced by electric currents (which is called bioelectric impedance analysis). You can also buy infusion pump analyzer at

When there is more body fat, the electrical resistance is higher and therefore the scale used to measure body fat shows higher values and vice versa. This is a simple and very effective technique for measuring the amount of body fat.

When the body fat scale shows you are adding fat, all red flags should be raised. Body fat is a trigger for all diseases and medical complications.

Coronary artery disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, etc. directly or indirectly related to body fat. Therefore, a body fat monitoring scale is very important to alert you before taking the first steps to tackle obesity and disease.

Based on the information about body fat, your health will soon recover if timely elimination measures (good diet and exercise) are taken.

Many people believe that Libra is just as good. We disagree. The body fat weight scale only shows a person's weight. A young adult who is still growing, and therefore getting fat, does not mean bad health.