Why You Need to Take Root Canal Treatment?

Damage can occur at any time in your teeth. Simple activities daily can lead to accidents, sports, and inability to maintain oral care every day can all lead to cracked or decayed teeth that need repair by your dentist if not spotted early.

Learning about the causes of damaged teeth, the signs and symptoms of spotting a root canal, and how to prevent needing a root canal can not only help you to maintain your oral hygiene, but also save you time and money in the long run. The Cedar Creek Dentistry provide you a best root canal treatment for your teeth.

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What is a root canal?

There are two basic elements that make up each crown and the tooth root. The crown is the part that is above the gum line and is visible when you smile or open your mouth. The root of the tooth is below the gum line and contains the nerves of your teeth.

Each root is surrounded by soft tissue commonly called the pulp, which provides food your teeth should stay healthy. If the root or pulp infected or decayed, can be performed a root canal to help prevent tooth occur further damage. During a procedure, the root and the pulp of the tooth is removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned, and is sealed for protection.