How Can A Speech Therapist Help The Elderly In Australia?

The elderly suffer from various diseases that can affect their ability to communicate effectively. Diseases like stroke, dementia, head injury, etc. This disease often causes problems with communication, behavior, organization, and the ability to solve problems easily.

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These are all areas that speech therapy services can benefit from. Ignoring language and communication problems has a number of consequences. This can be:

Inability to grab someone’s attention and communicate effectively what is needed: This can be as simple as drinking water or as complex as emergency medical care.

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Sometimes it looks like you can communicate effectively, but a closer look shows that you really can’t ask about a particular element or answer the question appropriately.

Increased difficulty in communicating emotions appropriately: This can lead to fighting, inappropriate behavior, or physical threats. These problems can be communication based or stress related.

Difficulty managing personal, medical and / or financial matters: This can cause problems with missed appointments. This can lead to failure of medications or other medical treatments. It can also result in unpaid bills and the threat of legal action.

Inability to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and avoid injury: Some elderly will accept help from strangers without thinking about the consequences that may arise.

You can share personal information with others using your phone. You could behave at risk, which could result in injury (climbing sewer ladders, carrying heavy objects, executing commands on lots of ice and snow).