How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation In Silicon Valley?

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient and very effective technique for achieving inner peace and more conscious self-awareness. This will help us become aware of small changes and events around us.

A sedentary mindfulness meditation routine allows us to be more present with ourselves. To find more about mindfulness in Silicon Valley visit


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See below how you can practice mindfulness meditation.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation:

Basic Mindfulness Meditation – To start mindfulness meditation you need to sit still. First, it doesn't matter whether you are sitting on your knees or in a special yoga position. Sit in the way you think is most comfortable and comfortable.

Once you've found your favorite posture, focus on your breathing. Here you can use any breathing technique you like. The most important thing is to breathe with your nose and breathe with your mouth.

Body sensations – Be aware of simple bodily sensations, such as Tingling or shaking without further notice, and let them happen.

Sensory – Get precise consideration regarding tastes, touches, smells, and sights. Don't judge them, just experience all kinds of fragrances and sounds and let them go.

Feelings – Let feelings be available without judgment. Enjoying anger and frustration are feelings that arise during your meditation. Acknowledge closeness without judgment and let it go.