A Review of the Best Kitchen Trash Cans

If you have a small dog or a cat, you have probably discovered that they often will use your kitchen trash cans as their favorite place to go potty. This is a problem that smaller pets have, especially if they are not house trained yet. Many animal shelters have been built in recent years in an effort to help solve this problem. By providing an alternative way for the animals to use the facilities, it may be easier for them to potty there instead of in your kitchen.

One of the best kitchen trash cans on the market is called the Cuisinart Can Opener as seen at homestuffreviews.com. This is one of the more popular models, because it's easy to use. Many dog and cat owners say that this particular model is very easy to operate and offers a solid lid that keeps everything inside the can safe. Many dog and cat owners also report that they like the locking feature on these particular trash cans. This is another feature that many reviewers say is very useful.

The lid slim trash can from Rubbermaid is another very popular model which many people enjoy. This particular model comes in both black and silver, and it offers a solid lid that isn't too hard or too soft to clean. It is made out of a tough rubber which is one of the best qualities that reviewers note about this product.

For those who like to have a touch-top option, you might want to consider the Zojirushi Micom Softie Plus Trays. These trash cans come in either blue or stainless steel, and the touch-top simply works by touching the side of the lid. The lids actually work much like a lip on a car tire that sticks up to help keep the trashcan stable. Some people love these touch-top lids because they smell good, but others say they are gross. Obviously you will want to try them out before making your final decision.

For people looking for a stainless steel trash can that doesn't really have any visual appeal to it, you may want to consider the BioLite Treasure II Swing Out Panel Trash Can. This lid fits onto the top of your regular can and has a swing out panel that can easily be removed for cleaning. The swing out panel also helps to keep the trashcan upright and prevents it from tipping over. To clean it, all you need is a sponge and some water.

For anyone wondering if they should get the standard black lid, or the more advanced silver or gold lids, I recommend getting a foot pedal trash cans with a rubberized interior. The foot pedal allows you to open the lid without having to touch the handle, and the lid's color prevents it from being confused with kitchen accessories. Tested, these are among the best trash cans available on the market.