Reasons to go Invisalign – Dentist in Edgware

You just Googled "Invisalign dentist near me" and you're looking for a dentist in Edgware looking for the solution or someone to talk into it? You're all grown up, your teeth are crooked, your parents did nothing about it, and adult braces look like embarrassing stuff.  Well since 1997 there has been a solution that won't look like you're chewing a circuit board.

Invisalign is a name brand of clear aligners designed to function like braces. They straighten your teeth and stay hidden while they do it. What's the catch? They are expensive. While your trusted invisalign dentist in Edgware can give you a more accurate estimate, most people spend between $3500 and $8000 on their aligners. Here are the reasons why that shouldn't matter.

1. They look better than adult braces

I can already hear someone whining "That's subjective." While that's technically true my response is to have you google pictures of adult braces. The evidence will speak for itself. You can get away with braces when you're young because nobody takes you seriously anyway. As an adult, though it's paramount that people take you and your opinions seriously and aren't just distracted by the metal in your mouth.

Clear liners, on the other hand, are just that, clear. The odds of someone seeing them are low and the only reason someone might even know that you're wearing them is that you can take them out for whatever reason. They look better and you'll look better with them. Not just in the short term but the long term as well.

2. A straighter smile is a better smile

We've all done it, looked at someone, and were immediately caught off guard by their crooked tooth. It detracts from their appeal and in some cases can even make it hard to focus on what they're saying. Is that you? It doesn't have to be. With clear aligners, you can work towards a smile that attracts people to you, that says everything you need it to say, and that makes sure you're taken seriously. With clear aligners, you can have all of that and nobody will have to know that you're even trying.