How to Choose Care For Seniors

Finding care for senior loved ones is a task that most people don't think about until they have a deadline. The hospital gives you a 48-hour deadline to find care for your dad after an illness or a crisis makes it suddenly clear your mother can't live alone anymore. It is a very emotional time and you are suddenly confronted with hard choices that will affect you and your loved ones. But what are your options?

First off, you need to find a place that can handle your parent's medical needs. From simple medication management to daily nursing to specific Alzheimer's supervision to insurance coverage, the options quickly become daunting. Besides medical needs, care for senior or residential program must provide for daily life tasks and enjoyment at a difficult time.

Scheduled activities and knowledge of the social needs of elderly patients are important to your parent or loved one's happiness, as is the atmosphere of the place. The housekeeping needs such as clean sheets, good food, and assistance with eating, dressing, or toileting are also a consideration.

After all of that, the financial and insurance issues must be dealt with. Do you need a program that accepts Medicare? Will this be a private pay arrangement? Is the Veteran's Administration involved? What forms need to be filled out? Does my mother's insurance pay for needed services in this program?

Help is available if you contact a Senior Care Specialist. A Senior Care Specialist is specially trained in these issues. They can quickly tell you if you're looking for a senior living home, a supported living program, a specialized medical unit, or a dedicated Alzheimer's facility. They have hands-on knowledge of all the programs in the area. They know what forms need to be filled out, and who they go to.