Walking holidays In Ireland

With today’s fast-paced pace, things are so hectic that we are bound to miss out on the simpler pleasures of life.

Often, the best way to experience more is to slow down, take the time to watch and listen, and be prepared to pause and wait. But for that, we have to go. Take a walk, – or even hike.

Ireland is the perfect destination for sightseeing. From the stunning coastlines of Donegal and Antrim to the rolling countryside and picturesque mountains of Kerry. You can also navigate on this website if you are planning to go for the Kerry Way location.

Walking weekend in Connemara and Mweelrea - Hilltoptreks.com

For those who know, Ireland is a well-kept secret – stunning views, inspiring sights, and away from the crowds. You won’t walk down the crocodile path with 20 other people or share your opinion with the school.

To get you thinking and hiking, we’ve rounded up our favorite Ireland roads – to help you plan your travel plans.

A stroll along Kerry Road will take you to the bottom of the Reeks, past Killarney National Park, and the shores of Lake Killarney, following quaint leafy trails, mountain trails, and small country trails. Walk every 120 miles or find your favorite route.

Dingle Street around the Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and special places in Ireland.

You’ll pass the Dingle Gaeltacht, where Gaelic is the spoken language, and if you wait a while you’ll enjoy the live music, dance, and culture that are part of everyday life in the area. Dingle Way cards can be purchased online.