What To Do If Child Sucks Their Thumb?

If you have a small child, they probably suck their finger or thumb quite usually, but does this habit really matter? It all depends on their age as thumb sucking and finger sucking is quite natural in young children and is a way for them to relax or entertain.

About three-quarters of babies will suck their thumbs or fingers during their first year and this is completely normal and appropriate behavior. Even when this habit goes beyond infancy, there is usually nothing to be concerned about and certainly does not indicate that the child has any kind of emotional problem. You can also buy a finger sucking guard by visiting the Amazon Australia website to quit sucking finger.

Difficulty in quitting this habit

If your child has difficulty stopping this habit, there are lots of things you can do. The first is identification that when your child is likely to suck his thumb like it is only at bedtime or at home, it is more likely to be a less serious problem to break than when it is in social situations or at school. In fact, it is a very easy habit to quit if they are actively engaged in stopping.

The child actively involved in breaking habit

Positive reinforcement can often work very well and can be as simple as creating a progress chart with rewards at the end of a week without thumb sucking. The anti-nail-biting liquid can be useful as a reminder for a baby at night, while not sucking his thumb while sleeping. Other techniques include using mittens or gloves to cover the thumb.