Helpful Tips to Put an End to Thumb and Finger Sucking

Thumb sucking is something that many children do. It may be difficult for parents to understand why their children would not stop sucking their thumbs. As your child gets older and going to school, you may want to reduce thumb sucking.

Reduce your child's thumb sucking on will be a difficult process, because it is a habit that they have become accustomed to. Here are some tips to help you reduce thumb sucking without emphasizing anyone. To get rid of this habit, you can purchase finger sucking glove via

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If you are too worried about thumb sucking cause long-term damage to your child's teeth, then you may want to talk with your child's dentist before trying one of my tips to reduce thumb sucking. Ask your child's dentist about your concerns with sucking her thumb to see if there are health reasons your child should stop sucking her thumb.


Sometimes children suck their thumbs because of stress, if that's the case, try to find something to replace the stress or anxiety your child feels that leads to sucking her thumb. You can use the rock goodness, this stress ball, or small stuffed animals that can be a substitute sucking his thumb because of stress or anxiety in your child.


Finally, you can buy a necklace chew on like this for your child that is created with the aim chew on them. It is often used for teething babies but works well for the purpose of reducing sucking her thumb as well.