Important Ways to Protect Your Residence While You Travel

Most people take some clear steps to protect your home or apartment before they leave for an extended business trip or vacation – like having someone watching the house and stop the newspaper.

1. Never talk publicly about the details of your upcoming trip. The walls have ears, and some of them may belong to the ears of potential thieves.

2. Internet advertising professional thieves scan newspaper and for "house sitter wanted" ads. Conversely, replying to an advertisement placed by potential caregivers.

3. Make sure that your home alarm company and police detachment realize their future, especially if it will be longer than a few days. Providing them with emergency contact information for the local as well as your phone number and / or how they can contact you directly as you go. You can check out electronic travel visa authority for acquiring more information about travel visa.

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4. Ask the police if they would patrol the area more often during your absence.

5. Inform your housesitter important details like the location of a fuse or circuit breaker box and valve cover water / gas.

6. Snap photos of anyone who is authorized to access your home while you're away, such as contractors; family; people who shovel your way, mows the grass or rake leaves; and petsitters. Develop your photos and give a copy to someone watch your house or send a digital copy for his / her e-mail address of his.

7. Another good investment is deadbolts on doors and windows. If it takes more than 60 seconds or more to enter the premises, the thieves usually gave up and moved to another building.