Importance Of Postnatal Care For Mother

Postpartum care for women is especially important after childbirth, taking into account birth and delivery. It is based on the individual needs and preferences of women and aims to create a supportive environment for mothers and newborns that families can also participate in.

Here, the family is run by professionals who care for the mother and both the baby and the mother learn how to care for the baby and themselves. An important element of post-care care is midwife care. You can also check frequently asked questions on postnatal care services online to get more information.

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If the mother and child are well and depending on the type of birth, she will be discharged between 6 and 24 hours after delivery under the care of the community midwifery team. Midwives and/or carers help mothers adjust to life with their newborns, help feed and care for babies, and provide emotional support.

Some of the benefits of postpartum obstetrics include:

1. Helping mothers breastfeed

2. Advising and supporting mothers all the time after delivery

3. Provide physical and emotional support to newborn mothers

Regular visits to a healthcare professional are important to rule out or treat health problems. Health care professionals will prepare a health plan tailored to the individual needs of the mother and her baby, and this plan will be shared with all relevant professionals involved in mother and child care.