The Power Of Perceptions In Shaping Customer Satisfaction

Isn't it interesting how our perceptions determine our beliefs and actions? So much brain research today seems to support the idea that what we feel determines our reality.

This article describes the role of perception in the minds of consumers. Is the glass half empty or half full? The definition is in the eyes of your customer! You can find out the full information on customer insight from various sites on the internet.

People view quality in many ways

Regardless of how well you find your proposal or project solution, your customers and customers react more to "perceived quality" than to "true quality."

Quality actually refers to the quality we believe we pay for, such as how much something weighs, how fast it works or various other properties.

Quality in perception refers to things like special consideration, courtesy, personal care and attitude, and many other subtleties that lead us to believe we are getting more than we paid for. Effective perceptual quality can help fill quality gaps that could annoy or deter consumers.

Often, perceived value is not related to cost

Several years ago I was a volunteer mediator in the small claims court system. During my time in court, I was interested in the number of cases of alleged wrongdoing or incompetence.

People sue companies like termite services and auto mechanics and even former friends and health care providers for various complaints! Often, relatively small amounts of compensation were requested in such cases, which meant that financial matters were not a major concern.