A Guide to Controlling Fungus Gnats in Hydroponic Gardens

Adult fungus gnats are completely harmless, but their larvae are the actual problem in any garden. The larvae reside in and feed the roots of plants, ultimately hampering growth and development. As the roots get damaged, they may rot and bacteria will have a place to live. You can navigate this site if you are looking for safe, effective, and affordable products for controlling fungus gnats.

To restrain the population of fungus gnats, set yellow sticky traps on all garden pots. Fungus gnats go in and out from their developing moderate, and when you place sticky traps they'll get captured before they reach the medium. The trapped gnats can give you a good idea of the disease level, which is important when determining if your prevention plans are all working well. Here are other simple and effective tips for controlling fungus gnats:

fungus gnat control

* Install screens on any doors, windows, vents, as well as other entry points of your garden. Choose fine mesh to make sure that all gnats, including other pesky pests, are stored out of your garden.

* Sterilize your garden gear and supplies before use.

* Prior to your move into your garden, make sure you change your clothing and thoroughly wash your hands first.

* Keep pets out of your garden, as they truly are potential carriers of disease gnats and other insects that are unwelcome.

* Prevent filling up your hydroponic system with the idea that your growing medium's surface is definitely wet. It may be necessary to reduce the fill time so that it doesn't fill up and wet your growing medium.