How To Get Certified As A Massage Therapist

If you have good, strong hands and believe in the healing power of a touch, you might think about making it official: taking the first step towards becoming a certified massage therapist. You may be tempted to find the cheapest and fastest massage certification course so you can start practicing right away.

In some cases, this may be the best option for you. The more widely recognized your certification, the more vacancies will be available to you. This is important to keep in mind when looking for a massage therapy certification program in your area. You can also look for a massage certification via

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Your local college can offer courses, and this is likely the cheapest option. Private non-profit schools can be more expensive. However, the most important question to ask is what type of certificate will be obtained and what type of certification the employer in your area will employ.

If you believe you are finding a private practice, this may not be the case, but having more options is always good. Obtaining a board certificate is not a prerequisite for practicing massage therapy, but it demonstrates the highest level of commitment and professionalism to your clients and potential employers.

This requires graduating from an accredited school, taking a board exam, and some other qualification in addition to your regular license or certification.