Slumber Parties in Canggu


Slumber parties are those crazy parties that start usually in the morning and go on to last for 12 and sometimes,24 hours. Bali hosts multiple slumbers round the year. So here's everything you'll find at a slumber party in Canggu

  1. Good Vibes – The last thing you'll feel here are bad vibes. It's a perfect escape from life especially if you've felt down. Rest assured that as long as you're at the slumber there'll be a huge smile across your face. 
  2. Resounding Music – That's the basic requirement for any party. You'll only hear commercial music though as it's mostly filled with bachelors and students, but th music is guaranteed to be good.
  3. Unlimited Alcohol – You can keep drinking but the alcohol won't end and if you're rich enough, get a swimming pool full of liquor and drink like a fish. 
  4. Beautiful People – The place is filled with young and beautiful people. Most of the people who come to such parties usually single. 
  5. Captivating Atmosphere – The music is groovy, the vibes are trippy, people are filled with adrenaline, it all so very real and in the moment, so just enjoy the atmosphere.  
  6. Socializing – Party animals are big extroverts so you get to socialize a lot, meet new people, make new friends, there's a chance to experience something unexpected and discover something new of those friends are localities

These and there are many more things to do here at Canggu Bali, so when you're booking tickets for a slumber party also book a stay at any Canggu hostel in Bali.