When You Buy Gold And Silver You Must Be Smart

Do you want to buy gold and silver? That's a smart choice and that many people do today, considering the uncertain Roller Coaster Coaster that the global market finds itself. And it doesn't seem to be better shortly. With the United States lost credit ratings three times for the first time in history and large quantities of debt, 15 trillion and counting, the US dollar of course headed for the disaster. His debt was very uncontrolled that the United States couldn't even pay interest! I believe that we will soon see the replacement of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. They can buy shares in a mining company.

3 Top Ways to Buy Gold and Silver:

1. Golden Bullion: This is a form of practical and commercial gold. This is the definition for you: "Gold Bars are heavy and recognized gold fineness that you can buy for the price of gold at this time, plus a small percentage costs incurred in distillation, making, and sending the bar."

Buying Silver and gold bullion is an efficient way to buy physical precious metals, especially if you plan to store them in an insured precious metal storage facility.

2. ETF: This is the funds traded on the stock exchange. This is a way to have gold in your wallet without having to save it physically somewhere. The following are the basics of ETF Gold: for each stock you buy, you usually have the equivalent of 1/10 per ounce. When investor demand exceeds available shares, the publisher must buy additional physical gold to convert into shares. On the other hand, when investors sell but no buyers, gold is redeemed and the company was forced to sell equivalent gold.

3. Stock Mining – another way that is quite risky to invest in gold and silver is through mining shares. The risk is that these shares are traded on the wider stock market. If you go this route, be sure to choose shares in the company with strong production and backup growth. Also, make sure they are managed properly. It should be noted that since 2001, world gold production has declined …