How Barcode Labels Can Save Time And Money

barcode labels

Barcode labels can be custom made in Australia and save you time and money when tracking your projects assets. There are several types of barcodes to select from which can then be applied to multiple uses. 

Barcode labels come in four main types, each with its characteristics. The first is Code 39 – this type of barcode enables upper and lowercase alphabetical characters, numbers and a limited selection of other characters. EAN-13 is the type of barcode label you will traditionally find on food items and used at shops, which include 13 numbers. UPC-A is used on general goods. Lastly, the ITF code is similar to the EAN-14, being used on general items, but has 14 bars and are generally used on larger packaging items. 

Barcode labels can be custom printed by selecting the type of barcode system you wish to use. Some online retailers allow you to customise your barcode labels, inclusive of text. This would allow the individual to create a barcode and add a worded description or allocate the asset to a particular lot or area. 

Once received, barcode labels can be used to monitor assets such as vehicles in a workplace by employees (for example, each employee needs to scan the code then they enter and/or leave a vehicle). They can be applied to items of inventory, helping to monitor stock levels or expiration dates of products. Warehousing teams can apply barcodes to quickly access information, such as manuals, about products. Barcode labels can also be used on other items such as documents, invoices, books, and orders. 

Barcode labels are not just for commercial applications. With the right system and technology, they can be applied to a variety of projects and applications.