Fundamentals of B2B Portal

Companies and organizations are a set of rules. This is not simple, adjusted automation of a supply chain process, purchase of office supplies on the web, or electronics travel organization on the desktop. Business to business e-commerce is more. 

With the new times, come new rules and new business players. Business to business e-commerce is becoming a main underpinning of the strategy, operation, and technology systems of companies. Understanding these components and why they will make such a difference has become crucial to the success of many operations. 

No other technology or strategy that influences the business process the marketplace and how business work together with their business partners. But understanding and grasping the huge potential of business to business is not easy. To check the features of the B2B eCommerce portal online, visit

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Traditionally, business-to-business activates are conducted with other companies and partners through the supply chain or distributor networks. These networks provide the materials, services, components, and products that make up the industry. In turn, each company has its own business network, characteristics, business rules, and competitive environment. 

Each element in the supply chain provides a link and establishes a firm's position in the chain. For the most part, these chains have policed themselves, with few rules and international trade agreements keeping them in place. Market conditions, supply and demand, competitiveness, and distribution options all help determine the most effective location in which to perform part or all of the network's function.