How to Plan Your Time for Leaving Cert Maths Paper

The standard advice for certifying yourself in your quitting time is to leave the math test at the beginning and some time at the end and then you should divide the rest between the questions that you need to do. This is not always the best way to plan your time.

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How to Plan Your Time for Leaving Cert Maths Paper

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There are some questions that you know will be good even before you go to the exam. The people you have practiced so many times that you are quite certain what to expect. You'll probably be used to looking at old papers and will find yourself being able to evaluate a question at a glance – at least as far as parts A and B are concerned. These questions will enable you to scan and choose quickly.

So rather than spending a great deal of time, in the beginning, choosing all your questions, select your very best ones fast, take a fast glance in the past couple of, and detect that the weakest ones – the ones that you're not too sure of, but do not fret about them, however.

Get to work right off on the excellent ones. This may calm the nerves and also make you warmed up. Then once you've completed the fantastic ones, take a while to examine the poorer questions more carefully. This is your main option since this is where you can go seriously wrong. The very last thing you need is to end up abandoning a query to try out another.

If you discover you can not take action when you believed you can, then it is possible to try a part c of another selection and see whether you want to modify questions or when the first was actually the better option. Then you will not have wasted a lot of time in case you need to switch to some other query.