Stop Muscle Pain With Proper Pain Management In Honolulu

Most people have experienced muscle pain at some point in their lives. If you're stressed or tense, or if you overexert a muscle, it may be sore or injured. Some medical conditions, like fibromyalgia, an infection (flu), autoimmune disorders like lupus, or thyroid problems can also cause your muscles to ache.

If you have minor muscle pain, you may want to know how to relieve it before you see a muscular pain management in Honolulu. Home treatment usually works wonders for muscle pain.

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You should first know that muscle pain is usually caused by inflammation, and ibuprofen is the leading anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Take ibuprofen as indicated by the package directions or by your physiotherapist near Honolulu.

You can also gently stretch the muscles, but do so carefully. If you overwork the muscle, the pain will only be worse. Use gentle motions and stretch only slightly. If the muscle hurts, stop.

With any muscle pain, rest is usually the best medicine. Avoid any high-impact activities like running, dancing, and weight-lifting, especially when those directly work the affected muscle.

Most of the time, home treatment works. If it doesn't, however, you may want to see a muscular pain specialist in Honolulu. Make an appointment if the pain doesn't go away after a few days or you don't know the cause of the pain.