Spray Tanning Tips – Remember These Tips To Get The Best Results In Milton

Thanks to modern-day technology, there is a way to get a suntan in a way that doesn't damage your skin at all. Of course, you will also miss out on the warmth of the sun's rays.

People get very different results when they apply a spray tan on themselves. There are many brands and not all are created equal. Whether you get good results with a tanning spray also depends on how well you read the instructions and how prepared you are. There are many spa boutiques available that provide full body spray tan services in Milton.

1. Wash and Exfoliate: Before using a tanning spray, you should scrub your whole body. You also need to make sure that you are clean. When scrubbing and cleaning, make sure you cover all parts of your body. 

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2. Moisturizer: For best results, please moisturize properly before spraying. Doing this a few hours before you apply the spray will prepare your skin to accept the sprayed skin easily.

3. Experiment: This is very important if you are just a beginner. Never get a full-body tan on the first try. Instead, experiment with partial body tan. Find out what style your skin tone is before proceeding to tan.

4. Clothing: If this is your first time doing this, wear clothes that cover the parts of your body that you don't want to tan. Also, wear rubber gloves when rubbing the tanning spray on your body. You don't want your palms to get that uncomfortable orange tint that comes from over spraying chocolate.