Responsibilities And Duties of Home Caregivers

In a wider sense, the term caregiver refers to someone who helps with daily activities and tasks. A caregiver may be needed for loved ones or parents who are aging due to chronic conditions, age-related medical problems, or surgery that makes daily chores more difficult.

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While the caregiver's duties will vary depending on the patient's needs, the basic tasks are the same for caring for an elderly loved one.

We will discuss the top responsibilities of a caregiver in detail to help you better understand what they must do while caring for our elderly parents and other senior loved ones.

Alzheimers & Dimensia Care

Assist with basic needs:

As a caregiver, your first duty is to help seniors with their daily needs. Senior loved ones may have difficulty performing basic tasks such as eating, washing their hands, and bathing. The caregiver must help loved ones take care of their basic needs.

Assess your medical needs:

Your caregiver will also help you monitor the health of your loved ones. This includes helping with daily medication and keeping track of medical appointments.

Provide Companionship:

Many people move abroad to find better opportunities or jobs. Our parents are left alone at home. Seniors are more likely to feel lonely and depressed, which can lead to a decrease in their quality of life. It’s better to have a caregiver to give them company.