Procedures In Applying For CEH Certification

CEH can be said a certified ethical hacker. This certification is a professional certificate and it is awarded by the EC council (international council of E-commerce consultant). An ethical hacker is a name that is given to a penetration testing/ tester.

Ethical hackers are hired by organizations with complete trust in employers to try to break into computer systems to find and fix all computer security vulnerabilities.

You can also browse this site to get the CEH certification online(which is also called to get the “CEH-certifiering online” in the Swedish language).

This certificate validates the knowledge and skills required to scan for vulnerabilities in a particular computer.

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Course for CEH Certification:

The course for the CEH certification consists of a total of 67 modules and varies from 30 minutes to 5 hours or more depending on the module and the information provided. In several centers in Europe and Asia, the CEH program is included in the program as one of the modules.

CEH Certification Exam:

Candidates can take the exam either after completing training at an accredited training center (ATC) or through self-study.

If the applicant chooses the self-study option, 2 years of professional experience in information security certification must be submitted together with the completed application form. The exam consists of about 150 questions and all of them are multiple-choice. The exam lasts up to 4 hours.