Penis Envy Mushrooms, Where To Find Them In Canada

This may not come as a surprise, but yes, these mushrooms get their name from the fact that they actually look like male reproductive organs. Distinguished by their peculiar appearance with bushy, rounded and wrinkled stalks, these mushrooms often have a larger spectrum. Their round caps may or may not open and detach from the usually very thick stem. 

They vary in color, typical of other types of psilocybin, from lighter skin tones to darker browns, with variations between types. Contrary to what some claim or believe, the spores of the Penis Envy Fungus actually look exactly like the Cubensis strain. You can get more information about Penis envy mushrooms via

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Like all fungi, the size, color, and shape of the spores are the same and look the same. Even under a microscope, the viewer may not be able to tell the difference between the two. But what sets Penis Envy Mushrooms apart from the rest is that they don’t open their lids to release spores in the same way. Because of this, collecting spores is much more difficult than that of their cousin P. cubensis.

The recent discovery of the penis envy fungus is the result of a recessive genetic mutation. This means the sponge must have two mutated copies or the sponge will not exhibit the properties of the original sponge. This was discovered when the laboratory determined that the Penis Envy fungus could revert to the Cubensis species. Another misidentified fungus may look like the Penis Envy type, but it really isn’t. You may only have one mutated copy, which means it won’t look the way it should visually.