Optimizing Your Shopify Store

For your faceted search on Shopify

• Search field position

Most eCommerce sites will place a search box with a magnifying glass icon in the right corner to show you what you're looking for. In this case, it makes sense to follow tradition as our customers are used to the search box on the right.

• Working with Shopify Search Filter Bar

You can make it more visible by adding a different color or text to the box. Instead of the usual phrases like "search here", "search", let's get a little windy. Good examples are "Find your new stuff", "Search your closet".

Using the search function on your website

• Required functions: Backup search, instant suggestions, instant spell check, no product found results

If a customer is looking for a product that isn't on your website, the worst-case scenario shouldn't return a blank page. It's a good idea to look at other product recommendations after saying something like, "We couldn't find what you're looking for, but we have some suggestions." This will be a much better user-friendly experience than displaying a blank page.

• Additional functions: analysis, stop words, synonyms, merchandising…

Based on data in website search analytics, you can create stop words to remove redundant parts of the search term or, better yet, use synonyms to show customers more relevant results.

With the advent of AI technology, we expect more changes in the search functionality of websites. Voice search can be used for internal search.