How to Find the Best Luxury Tailor Made Holidays

When booking a luxury holiday, it’s important to choose the right travel agent. Many agents will offer competitive prices but lack on customer service. High street travel agents generally offer good customer service but have large overheads which means higher holiday prices. High street agents also tend to offer a wide range of holidays, so may lack specialist in depth knowledge at the higher end. You can also look for holiday villas with private pool in dubai for more luxurious experience. 

A good balance is important, a competitive price along with a high standard of customer service from experienced consultants, is ideal. Some internet based travel agents can offer fantastic value while also being able to specialise in specific areas or holiday themes. This can make the whole holiday experience more enjoyable, from looking to booking to flying. Make sure the internet agent that you use is reputable, while a large well designed website is a good indicator of a reputable travel company, it’s also important that your holiday is ABTA bonded for your security.


Give your travel agent a good idea of your budget. However, to stick rigidly to your budget may exclude you from low cost upgrades that may make all the difference- sea view rooms, a private pool in your villa, Jacuzzis and other added luxuries.

Destination or Holiday Theme

It’s always going to be a lot easier if you know where you want to go, or at least what type of holiday you want. However, if you have little or no idea, travel agents can always tailor make a few ideas for you to look over or variations on a theme if you’re not totally sure. Don’t forget to let your agent know if you can be flexible on your dates of travel, as prices may vary over periods.