Email Marketing Vs Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing has always been complicated, but necessary task for businesses. advertising campaign was once confined to the realm of print, radio, and television – but even then marketers must strike a balance to promote their brands in ways not seen by customers as being too pushy.

Things only get more complex with the introduction of modern technologies such as the World Wide Web, social media platforms, and a relatively new phenomenon, but has spread from smart phones. Marketers now have a lot of different advertising methods from which to choose. You can hop over this site to get more information about direct mail marketing services.

There is considerable debate in the world of marketing on the value of email marketing versus direct mail marketing more traditional. Those who favor direct mail is often claimed that email tends to be overlooked by customers, but take a look at the surrounding evidence revealed that email marketing campaign is not only a very effective marketing method, it is also cost-effective.

Rapid growth in the Company Using Email Marketing

Some people say that email marketing is outdated – the old model in death throes. However, there are studies that show how the number of companies that embrace email marketing as part of their overall advertising strategy has increased in recent years and clearly refute the claim.  

Email advertising continues to gain prominence, especially in small businesses. Research conducted by Hurwitz & Associates revealed that 46% of small businesses utilized email marketing and 36% have plans to start using it within 12 months of the survey.