Don’t Get Left in the Dust: Invest in a Virtual Tape Storage Solution for Your Business

The virtual tape storage market has been steadily growing in recent years and is expected to continue to do so over the next five years as well. This type of storage solution presents many advantages over hard disk storage, including lower cost, more reliability, easier maintenance, and more, which makes it very appealing to many businesses. Though at first glance it may seem difficult to decipher this technology and determine whether or not it’s right for your company, don’t worry this guide will help you learn everything you need to know about virtual tape storage, from the basics to specific use cases and solutions that are available now. Switch to virtual tape storage software via Luminex or call to get expert guidance.

What Is A Virtual Tape Library?

Virtual tape storage solutions allow users to take advantage of the latest storage technologies without actually purchasing any physical media. Once your tapes are digitally stored, you can restore and access them from any location that has access to an Internet connection. Tapes may be shared and archived so you don't have to worry about wasting space on one computer.

Why Should I Care About This?

A virtual tape storage solution is an investment that you can use to future-proof your business by better preparing yourself against the inevitable digitalization of data. Sure, this will cost some money upfront and it won't have an immediate ROI, but it's important to consider long-term benefits as well. At first glance, this investment might not seem like such a big deal – you're just using some cloud storage after all. What could go wrong? Well, believe it or not, everything.

Which One Do I Choose?

As time goes on, more and more businesses are trying to figure out how to make sure they are properly protecting their data. With so many different types of backup solutions available, it can be hard to know which one is best for your business. In order to help you better understand what virtual tape storage is and what benefits it has, we’ve outlined the three main options below. Click here to know more about how to choose the right data management solution provider.


Virtual tape storage is ideal for companies that need storage space but doesn't have room. With virtual tape storage, your data is backed up and stored securely offsite–saving you from getting left in the dust by allowing your company to focus on its core objectives without worrying about losing valuable data