Dead Sea Mineral-Based Products

When you think of scrubs, you rarely think about the environmental concerns of using this type of product. However, there are a few to consider. This article will show you some of the factors that are environmentally friendly for your skin and planet.

Sea salt scrubs have been around for centuries. The most famous is dead sea mineral-based products, which has been used for thousands of years. Sea salt scrubs are a great way to cleanse your body and get rid of dead and dry skin. Applying the scrub to your skin in a circular motion will exfoliate and open the skin pores, then wash it off. 

Exfoliation reduces rough skin and increases skin moisture. The great thing about sea salt scrubs is that they are natural. No unnatural flavors are added and when fragrance is needed, add essential oils like lemongrass or even mint! Exfoliate is cleansed from your body without having to worry about chemicals or raw additives damaging to the environment.

Exfoliators used with oils such as canola oil, sesame oil, and natural essential oil scents can appeal to both male or female. The availability and effectiveness of natural sea scrubs allow men and women to enjoy fresh and clean body scrubs. The best way to complete exfoliation is to use a natural organic moisturizer to refresh and moisturize the skin that has just been worn.

To further benefit the environment, it is best to choose products that make plastic containers biodegradable. There are many bottles that are biodegradable over a period of time. Some containers can even be composted in your yard because they are made of corn and break down after 60 days.