Class A Motor Homes Compared To 5th Wheel Trailers

The choices you make between the purchase of a Class A motorhome compared to a 5th wheel trailer involves considerations listed in this article. It is left to the reader to determine what type of recreational vehicle (RV) is the best for them, but the benefits of one kind or another will be noted in some categories. For more information, you can visit

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Interior features of the two types of RVs will not be comparable, as they have essentially the same interiors – kitchens, bathrooms, TV, bed, etc. The following categories in light of the differences between the two types of recreational vehicles play a role in your decision to go with a type of the other.


Want to tow your RV as in the case of the fifth wheel? With Class A tow you probably behind a car for your local travel. The truck you tow it becomes 5th with your local carrier. Is that acceptable?


When comparing the internal space of the largest fifth wheel and the largest class, the 5th always comes forward to have more living space in them. This reason alone is why many people choose the fifth wheel on a class A.

Storage space

There is both indoor and outdoor storage space to consider. The interior storage space of both VR is substantially equal. Class A with all its external storage compartments clearly more outdoor storage.

In summary, both wheel RV Class A and 5 are excellent choices for travel and prolonged life. The decision to go with one of the other types is very personal, and there's really not a bad decision to make regarding the choice either.