Ceiling Mounted Hoists In Australia

Mounting the lift to the ceiling is usually the preferred method of installation when manually handling patients or people with disabilities. Ceiling hoist lifts has several advantages over alternative lifting methods.

– Attic lift does not occupy floor space – Users can work independently – Fixed lifts and portable lifts are available on ceiling rails – No 2 caregivers required to work, as currently recommended when using mobile lifts – Attic ceilings can moving from room to room – Portable lift option can be easily removed for use when installing in another room – Ceiling lift installation

Most designs are capable of placing the ceiling on the hoist. Various solutions are available to support installation. The following uses are common.

– Concrete ceiling – Steel lattice beams – Dome / sloping roof – Steel and wood beam – Wooden beams – Suspension ceilings – Pitched roof

Track configuration for ceiling lift

There are several rail arrangements to choose from, which are dictated by the lifting requirements in the room.

– Straight track guide – Straight track guide with 45 or 90-degree rotation – Room to room track system – Track guide system for XY or H frame – Turntable – Y separator for heat exchanger – Wall mount – Semi-permanent track guide

Straight tracking is the easiest to install and most cost-effective type of lifting because the user can be lifted in a straight line from one position to another.