Car Frontal Protection With the Stylish Nudge Bars

Combining functionality with rugged look Nudge bars, which are made of a light aluminum tubing or polycarbonate made to provide adequate protection from small front-end bumps and scratches. They are typically installed on smaller cars and SUVs, these bars can also provide the ideal location to install many different accessories, including the CB antenna or driving lights.

Ford Everest grille guards are the tiniest type of front-end protection currently available on the market in the present, and available for a variety of commercial and recreational vehicles. The bars made of alloy safeguard the radiator grille as well as the surrounding areas, without having to change, replace or alter the front bumper.

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After being installed on the vehicle's front The stylish bars offer an extra layer of protection against typical accidents that could occur outside in the country or in the town center. Due to the drivers' lack of awareness, damages to vehicles may occur even when the vehicle is in a garage. A nudge shield protects the front end of a car from sloppy judgment when turning around or parking their vehicle. This is what makes these bars so attractive.

Overall these ford everest grille guards are an affordable solution to improve and personalize the look of a sedan or SUV as well as providing an adequate level of protection from frontal scratching and bumps.