Blockchain Technology And Its Features

Blockchain technologies is a series of block, in which each block comprises information that isn’t centrally controlled but cryptographically secured. 

Types of Block-chain

The blockchain technology can be split into two types, Public and Personal Blockchain Technology.

Public Blockchain: They are the open systems where anyone can join. But public blockchain can be a little impractical for enterprise purpose since there are chances you can face storage problems. Normally, cryptocurrencies have only 1mb storage per block, which is not sufficient for the storage that an enterprise desires.

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Private Blockchain: On the other side Private Blockchain isn’t available to everyone. These are also regarded as consent block chains because in order to combine the chain you need to gain permission.

Features of blockchains technology:

Immutable ledger: Immutable blockchain means that after the information has been listed in a person ledger, non can change it. When a hacker tries to alter anything at the block then the hash won’t match the preceding hash, and then hacker is going to need to alter block after block. Therefore, this practice can help to keep data protected.

Distributed p2p network: Inside this system, data isn’t saved in a single centralized point, making information hard for being exploited. Because there’s not any dominant force, or so the proprietor becomes the genuine proprietor of the private information.

Mining: it’s a custom of incorporating transactions in the dispersed public ledger. It aids in developing a hash of block for trades which cannot be forged easily. 

It is difficult to work without technology nowadays. So it is good to use blockchain technology which predominantly developed to facilitate web practices, and advance web security.