Athletes Use Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers For Fast Fitness Results

As wearable hyperbaric oxygen chambers have a better reputation in the medical world, they are also becoming increasingly popular for those who simply want to be healthier or fitter.

Athletes with access to cameras have made hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) a trend. Soccer star Darren Sharper has his own camera and uses it in his own home.

Hers is portable so she can take it with her when her teacher is away. The kit contains a zippered folding compartment and a built-in generator that pumps pure oxygen into it. You can also read more about hyperbaric chamber benefits at

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Sharper says he uses it for two to three hours a day and it makes him feel better, calmer and more relaxed every morning. The athlete first used a positive pressure camera due to a knee injury and has been using HBOT ever since.

Hyperbaric therapy increases the ability of red blood cells and plasma to carry oxygen to the tissues in the body, heals any tear or tear, and generally puts the body in great shape very quickly.

Over time, the muscles will be able to recover and the brain will function better. Some athletes also use positive pressure cameras as an alternative to altitude training or blood replacement.

Many cyclists train at higher altitudes, where there is less oxygen, so the body feels more than adequate at regular altitudes. Sometimes this increases the lung capacity of the athlete and allows the red blood cells to carry more oxygen.