Alternative Medicine For Pets

Alternative medicine generally refers to medication or treatments outside of mainstream Western medicine. Alternative medicine has a tradition thousands of years ago and in many cases was passed down orally. Most ancient cultures had their specific healing system. Like humans, animals can also be treated with this system.

Alternative medicine guidelines such as acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, and holistic medicine are established by the American Veterinary Medical Association. All alternative medications should be used in consultation with your veterinarian. Keep in mind that natural doesn't always mean harmless. Every state has laws about who can legally treat animals. Find out from your regional Animal Hospital what is legally permitted.

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A variety of pet treatments, including acupuncture, are available in the United States. This 3,500-year-old system awakens the body's healing process by using fine needles to stimulate specific energy points in the body. It is said to be effective for epilepsy, hip dysplasia, or pain relief.

Chiropractic is a system that manipulates and adjusts the spine to restore normal motion to the affected joints. Relief is usually immediate, but pain may return and further travel may be required.

Herbs have been used for healing for centuries. Most animals in the wild use plants instinctively. Many medicines today are actually of plant origin, but herbalists believe that it is better to use the original.

Whatever system you try for your pet, be sure to let your veterinarian know.